Workshop held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Rector’s Office
Tuzla, September 29, 2020

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Tuzla hosted a workshop about application of technology in agriculture within the Erasmus+ VIRAL project that is funded by the European Union. Technology offers a huge potential for improving agricultural production and product placement. Participants stressed that limitations are, in addition to the lack of money for investments, also the slow adoption of legal procedures. 





Topics of the first workshop were management of operating machines in the fields via Internet applications, irrigation, three-dimensional mapping and recording by drones, and other technological solutions from which agriculture can benefit.

From this point of view, project is very interesting because so far we have taught ICT students at the faculties of Electrical Engineering so that they had certain prior knowledge and requirements that are expected of them when they start working in companies. This project is multidisciplinary and we now have to adapt the teaching of information and communication technologies towards students of agricultural faculties. The concept of teaching and integration of people from agriculture and ICT is changing now. The project also aims to expand ICT knowledge to the agricultural business sector, and we practically have multidisciplinarity today, said Dr. Aljo Mujčić, Full Professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Tuzla.





During ten months that this joint project of agricultural and electrical engineering faculties has been going on, its participants have made contacts with partner institutions from the European Union, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Romania, and Montenegro.

Within this project, we decided to teach students in the field of agriculture what ICT is, where we can use them with the help of colleagues who know more about it, not only from neighbouring countries, but also from our country, says Dr. Milan Cvetković, Full Professor at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Banja Luka and participant in the workshop in Tuzla.

The Internet is fast enough in our country as well, and applications and devices are no longer so expensive that farmers cannot afford them in order to make production and product placement more efficient.

In order for that to be successful, it is necessary to implement certain norms and laws, stressed Dr. Nermin Sarajlić, Full Professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Vice-rector of the University of Tuzla.

Professors and students from Banja Luka, Mostar, Belgrade, and universities from Slovenia, the Netherlands, Montenegro and Romania participated in the workshop through the Zoom platform and in this ways presented examples of good and bad practices, the need to pass relevant laws and regulations and the practical application of technology.





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