Tribune entitled ‘The Charter Kulin Ban 1189 – 2019’ opened the 24th Summer University of Tuzla

Rector's Office
Tuzla, 10 June 2019





The 24th Summer University, traditionally organized by the University of Tuzla, is open today in Tuzla. The event, gather together many experts and students from the country and the region and it will last until 15 June.

This year’s central theme is ‘University and Promotion of Diversity (Identity)’.



 University of Tuzla - 24th Summer University - Tribune entitled ‘The Charter Kulin Ban 1189 – 2019’ opened the 24th Summer University of Tuzla



‘We wanted to point out at the fact that at the University of Tuzla are studying people not only of different ethnic backgrounds, but of different social categories, religious communities, also so - called non - traditional students with different social needs, students with disabilities... This is our strength not only of the University of Tuzla, but also of our city and the Tuzla Canton. The strength is in differences, not in similarities‘, said Rector of the University of Tuzla Nermina Hadžigrahić, PhD.

According to Prime Minister of Tuzla Canton Jakub Suljkanović, the success of the Summer University is in gathering of students and professors from all of the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) universities, regions and the whole world, which is reflected in the positive development that takes place in BiH.

‘We wanted to show that the issue of identity in Bosnia and Herzegovina has always been extremely important to us.  Our identity has been questioned, whether it was a matter of state or society, whether it was an ethnic community or how much we care for the so called non-traditional students, single mams, extraordinary athletes, top musicians who find it hard to find a place in the educational process, members of the LGBT population. The task is to contribute to the strengthening of the Tuzla region, the University of Tuzla and Bosnia and Herzegovina, primarily through the channelling of relations,’ said Professor Dženeta Omerdić, president of the Organizing Committee of the 24th Summer University.

The first event of this year's Summer University was a Tribune of the Charter Kulin Ban 1189 – 2019. The significance of the Charter and the Bosnian identity in general was spoken by Tuzla Mayor Jasmin Imamović, and Professors Edin Mutapčić, Amira Turbić Hadžagić, Dženeta Omerdić and Izet Šabotić.

Tuzla Mayor Imamović pointed out among others that many people in BiH search for their identity in places where our identity is missing. ‘Many people are not aware of the fact that we have only one root, one tree and all of us are like branches that are not aware of its root nor tree. When we become aware of this common root and tree, strength and significance of BiH, then we will return a single dose of self-esteem’ ‘, said Mayor Imamović. 

The Program of the 24th Summer University Tuzla can be downloaded from the following link:: P R O G R A M.