The University of Tuzla paid Tribute to the Victims of Tuzla's massacre

Rector's Office
Tuzla, 26 May 2020



The 25th anniversary of the massacre was marked at the Slana Banja - Alley of Youth, by laying flowers and wreaths, and also by commemoration at Kapija. This anniversary marks the most severe war crime against civilians in Tuzla, when a grenade from the mountain Ozren killed 71 people and wounded more than 130 people.



UNIVERSITY OF TUZLA - KAPIJA 25 may 1995 - 25 may 2020



The delegation of the University of Tuzla paid tribute to the victims by laying flowers, reciting Fatiha and holding a moment of silence.

The delegation of the University in Tuzla on today's commemoration was consisted of Rector Dr. Nermina Hadžigrahić, Full Professor, Vice-Rector for International Relations Dr. Vesna Bratovčić, Associate Professor and Vice-Rector for Research Dr. Nermin Sarajlić, Full Professor.

The City of Tuzla organized the protocol of marking 25th anniversary of the massacre and in addition to the families of the victims, representatives of legislative and executive bodies of all levels of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina, representatives of religious institutions, the University of Tuzla, the Armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Ministry of internal Affairs of the TC, University Clinical Center Tuzla, as well as representatives of other state institutions and enterprises, numerous non-governmental organizations and citizens of Tuzla paid tribute to the victims.

KAPIJA 1995. - 2020.