The University of Tuzla improved its ranking for 98 positions at the Webometrics

Rector's Office
Tuzla, 29 July 2020

One of the world's most famous Webometrics rankings for higher education institutions has been published for the first six months of this year. The University of Tuzla is ranked at the 3,081st position, which is an improvement for 98 positions when compared to the report in the second half of 2019. Management of the University of Tuzla is satisfied with the positive trend, but the goals are much higher, especially bearing in mind that the universities of Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade are among the top 600.




It is really positive that University of Tuzla is ranked second among 48 higher education institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Webometrics Ranking, behind University of Sarajevo which is ranked at the 1,496th position. It is a success that University of Tuzla shifted for 98 positions compared to the report from January of this year. This success is an increase of scientific research at the University of Tuzla and its visibility, which are key criteria for Webometrics ranking. Professor Nermin Sarajlić, Vice-Rector for Scientific Research at the University of Tuzla, points out that, thanks to the implemented reforms, in the last five years, compared to the previous five-year period, the number of citations of teachers at this University has increased two and a half times.

"In the past six months, our papers, the papers of our teachers have been cited 21,000 times. This represents a large increase compared to the previous period, and practically it is the result of this shift by 98 positions compared to 2019, "said Vice-Rector Sarajlić.

The scientific research by which every university in the world is measured is a generator of development, but it implies investments and certain conditions. At the University of Tuzla, they were encouraged by the unanimous support received by the Cantonal Assembly for the initiative to change the Law on Higher Education, norms and standards, to employ new assistants and declare the construction of the University Campus as a strategic project for Tuzla Canton. All this is part of the preconditions for better use of resources that the University of Tuzla has with its almost 500 teachers, i.e. increasing the quality of the scientific research process. The head of the Centre for Quality Assurance and Internal Evaluation of the University of Tuzla, Professor Damir Zenunović, says that both the University and the founders should work in that direction.

"On the one hand, to enable teachers to not be so burden and to provide bigger financial incentive for scientific research, because in our country there are really small amount of funds transferred for science compared to countries in our region." This is the part that Government needs to do, while from our part we have to create such an environment within the University that is stimulating for the teacher to work in the scientific-research process ", points out Professor Zenunović.

A positive environment means an orderly quality system. The University has already reviewed the situation in that segment, and the next step is to adjust the acts of the University to researchers. A lot of work has been done on the preparation of the Development Strategy of the University of Tuzla for the next seven-year period. All this should contribute to a better position at the world list of universities. The next Webometrics ranking list will be published in January next year.

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