The Academy of Dramatic Art marked 19th anniversary

Tuzla, 28.12.2017. god.





The Academy of Dramatic Arts of the University of Tuzla marked 19th anniversary in the presence of the students.



Akademija dramskih umjetnosti obilježila 19 godina postojanja i rada



The Academy of Dramatic Arts (theatre, film, radio and TV) of the University of Tuzla was established by the Decision of the Tuzla Canton Assembly on December 28, 1998.
Two study programs are active at the Academy within the first cycle of study and those are Acting and Production.
Since the academic 2007/2008, the enrolment in the study programs is performed biennially so that every year Academy accepts alternately one class of students for the study program Acting or Production.
Since academic 2012/2013, within the second cycle of studies, has been active study program Acting and since academic year 2013/2014 is active Production.

Since its beginning to this day Deans of the Academy of Dramatic Arts were Full Professor Miralem Zupčević, Full Professor Ahmet Kasumović, Full Professor Vlado Kerošević and Associate Professor Damir Altumbabić.
The current Dean of the Academy of Dramatic Art is Associate Professor Jasmina Čelebić Tanović.