The Faculty of Technology was founded in 1959 as the first higher education institution in Tuzla and first Faculty of Sarajevo University located outside Sarajevo. Based in a region with a long tradition in chemical industry, the Faculty has offered education in the framework of the existing basic industry units, allowing its students to keep pace with contemporary trends in development of technological solutions and processes. The results of such approach has been a number of scientific and specialized papers, reports, studies and projects to which the teaching staff of the Faculty made significant contribution. More than 700 papers, studies, projects, monographs, and articles written by professors and teaching assistants of the Faculty of Technology have been published in national and foreign journals. The Faculty has a long tradition in research activities ranging from basic to applied research.


The teaching staff expertise lies in the following research areas:



Research activities are carried out through implementation of projects supported by:



Results of research activities are published in relevant indexed journals (CC, SCI indexes) (Biosystems Engineering, Process Safety and Environmental Protection, International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering, Biodegradation, TTEM, Chemical Engineering Journal, AIChE Journal, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., Acta alimentaria...), other relevant journals (Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus-ACS, Technologica Acta, Kemija u industriji/Chemistry in Industry, Hemijska industrija/Chemical Industry, Mljekarstvo/Dairy Industry...), referent conferences and congresses, doctoral dissertations (75 ) and masters’ theses (155).