SUSTAIN2018 Conference held at the University of Tuzla and Agreement on Cooperation signed with Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU)

Tuzla, 02 October 2018




During the period of 26 - 28 September 2018 an International scientific-professional conference "Sustainable services of support - perspectives and challenges in BiH society - SUSTAIN2018" was held in Tuzla. The goal of the International scientific-professional conference was to establish a platform and to gather experts from the field of special education and rehabilitation, health, social protection, education, pedagogy and psychology and other similar disciplines and to exchange professional and scientific experiences, knowledge and examples of good practice related to support services that need to be established in our BiH society, that are currently successful projects that are being implemented in our country and need has been expressed for their systematic solution.



I Međunarodno-stručna konferencija "Održivi servisi podrške perspektive i izazovi" SUSTAIN 2018


Many distinguished professors from the country and OKRUZENJA took part at the conference SUSTAIN2018. Distinguished Prof.dr. Markowety Reinhard, Chair of Special Education (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) from  Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany also took part among other VRSNIH experts. Prof. Reinhard spoke about Inclusive education - Aspects of teaching and learning inside joined classes. Prof.dr. Rudik Gmajnić, an Academic of medical sciences from Croatia, spoke about perspectives and challenges. More than 70 authors and co-authors from different fields of health, education, higher education, and sports from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Croatia, Serbia and Kosovo took part at the conference. 

During the Conference SUSTAIN2018, it was held a formal signing of scientific and technological cooperation, and ERASMUS cooperation with LUDWIG-MAXIMILIANS-UNIVERSITÄT MÜNCHEN (LMU). The fact that this is the first such agreement between the Faculty for Special Education and Rehabilitation and Faculty of Psychology and education LUDWIG-MAXIMILIANS-UNIVERSITÄT MÜNCHEN (LMU) shows its importance. President of the Scientific Board, Prof.dr. Munevera Bećarević, emphasized the importance of this agreement and said that she was proud that our Government of Tuzla Canton recognized the importance of scientific-research work and that she hoped that such projects will bring new ideas and projects in the future, that will be useful to academic public as well as to local comunity and to the society as a whole.



Svečano potpisivanje naučne i tehnološke, te ERASMUS  saradnje Univerziteta u Tuzli sa LUDWIG-MAXIMILIANS-UNIVERSITÄT MÜNCHEN (LMU)

"This agreement has a special significance for the Faculty for Special Education and Rehabilitation because this year it celebrates 25 years of its existance, and the quality of academic straff and of the Special education and rehabilitation study program is just confirmed by the recognition and signing of cooperation with one of the leading research centers and universities in Europe with more than 500 years long tradition", said Prof. Dr. Alma Dizdarević, the President of Organization Board.

Rector of the University of Tuzla, Prof. Dr. Nermina Hadžigrahić, Prime Minister of Tuzla Canton Government, Jakub Suljkanović, and Prof. Dr. Markowetz Reinhard spoke about the significance of this cooperation.

Prof. Dr. Nermina Hadžigrahić, the Rector of the University of Tuzla pointed out: " Considering that the University of Munich deals with the wide range of scientific areas, it provides great opportunities for cooperation with our University. For now, this agreement is for the Faculty for Special Education and Rehabilitation level only. Today we spoke about the expansion of coopeartion to other faculties. In addition to joint projects, exchange of teachers and associates, the field in which we can collaborate is really big and I believe that this cooperation will continue in the future."

Jakub Suljkanović, Prime Minister of Tuzla Canton Government, said: "Of course we will not stop here. We, as the Government of Tuzla Canton, have passed the Law on Scientific Research Work, and we will allocate and plan certain funds in the budget of Tuzla Canton when it comes to the realization of this Law and the planned activites, and when it comes to scientific reasearch work, we want to strenghten as much as possible."

"This cooperation enables students of the University of Tuzla to study, to come for a semester to Munich, and also vice versa, students from Munich will come to Tuzla to study", said Prof. Dr. Markowetz Reinhard from Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich.