Students successfully presented the Faculty of Technology at ‘’Biotehniada in Poreč’’

Faculty of Technology
Tuzla, 29 May 2019.





During period from 22 to 26 May, students from the Faculty of Technology in Tuzla stayed in Poreč (Istria, Croatia) and won three medals. They participated at ‘’Biotehnijada’’ that was organized by the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, where they participated with students from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.



University of Tuzla -Students successfully presented the Faculty of Technology at ‘’Biotehniada in Poreč’’



The male futsal team of the Faculty of Technology won the first place in a very strong competition so the names of Muamer Dedić, Dženan Huskanović, Amer Karić, Rijad Fejzić, Amar Jagodić, Ahmed Delić and Muamer Alić will be written in gold letters in the history of the faculty. Our team had the best player, best goalkeeper and best shooter.


In addition to a successful performance in futsal, the same team was strengthened with Miralem Bulic, Edin Gutić and Elnur Halilbasic, who won a third place in the volleyball tournament.


Also, our students participated in other disciplines, and it should be mentioned third place in a darts contest that was won by a mixed team of Adina Ćosić, Edin Gutić and Ahmed Delić.


In addition to the medal, the students came back richer for an unforgettable experience, sharp competition spirit and motivated to carry out faculty duties and extracurricular activities.


This type of experience is a proof that being part of the "community" of the Faculty of Technology in Tuzla and the academic citizen in general, does not only bring knowledge during education process, but it provides new friends, meet different cultures, and create new ideas and ambitions.