Information about the project



Through this project, we are developing the concept and the conditions for establishing an international inter  and transdisciplinary research at the University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project was developed within the framework of international cooperation with the FHNW which acts as a consultant for the entire process and financially supported by the SNSF within the SCOPES program "institutional partnership", which should contribute to strengthening the research capacity in the countries of Eastern Europe.
During the design phase will be developed a concept that will ultimately result in the formation of the Centre for inter and trans-disciplinary research at the University of Tuzla, as well as the institutional framework and structure that will be defined according to existing procedures.

Set up of a center of competence for inter- and transdisciplinary research  at the University Tuzla, BiH

"Institutional Partnership"

Project Plan covers two years and includes the construction of structures in order to increase the capacity of social research at the University of Tuzla developing a concept for the establishment of disciplinary jurisdiction of the Centre. Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary competence of the social and medical science has played a leading role in increasing the capacity of researchers mentioned science at the University in Tuzla. Centre still needs to expand its jurisdiction and to contribute to the development of relevant theories associated with the practice, in terms of solving the regional social problems and social challenges in Tuzla Canton. Thus, the main principle will be based on an approach that connects theory and practice, strengthening the holistic paradigm of politics, offering the possibility for conducting applied research and thus initiate and promote networks between practice, research and policy. Sharing knowledge and experience is crucial for social exchange, innovation and development of solutions to social problems. This center will contribute to the establishment of (thematic) networks, not only at the local level than I had for the establishment of networks at the regional, national and international scientific community. Activities will be integrated and implemented in the structure and services of the University.
The project plan includes two years in the framework of which should:
- Adopt applied research integrating theory and practice,
- Build a structure to maximize the capacities of social research at the University of Tuzla, with a focus on applied research;
- Facilitate interdisciplinary access;
- To promote and support international and transdisciplinary research, collaboration, linking research, policy and practice from the state structure, and non-governmental organizations in order to promote mutual learning, developing a shared vision and strategy and to facilitate coordination between different actors and using synergies, developing the concept of the establishment of disciplinary jurisdiction center.

Specific objectives are focused on the development of the concept of jurisdiction of the Centre, the construction of networks that deal with social issues, strengthening the knowledge of teachers and students in the field kvalititatinih method, encouraging qualitative methodology and access life-world perspective, innovation continue through the initiation and improvement of existing and introduction of new teaching method .