Promotion of 431 Graduates and 109 Masters of Science of the University of Tuzla

Rector's Office
Tuzla, June 28, 2018




In the University Hall, University of Tuzla promoted 431 Graduates and 109 Masters of Science who graduated and mastered in academic 2017/18.
This is fifteenth promotion that University of Tuzla organizes and in this way demonstrates unity, size and respectability of the University of Tuzla. Rector of the University of Tuzla Professor Nermina Hadžigrahić addressed to the students, their parents and friends, representatives of executive and legislative authorities as well as the academic community by saying:



Promovirano 109 magistara i 431 diplomant Univerziteta u Tuzli



‘You are the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, you are starting a new era in your life, but regardless of that, you still remain the subject of our interest. Invest in yourselves, especially through acquiring new knowledge and skills that are today in the focus of curricular reform. Our intentions go in this direction, and we offer to you attractive studies at the second and third cycle of studies. I believe that people are the greatest power of the university, which are our professors, associates, administrative staff and especially our students. I am convinced that with your support, University will remain highly positioned at a well-deserved place of institutions of special social importance, not only in the Tuzla Canton, but also in Bosnia and Herzegovina’.

‘To all of you who receive diploma today, I want that your competences be recognized as soon as possible and to give you an opportunity to demonstrate how much you can do through your work. Also, I want you to take your acquired knowledge and diplomas in the right way and to represent our faculties fairly, and that the path you have chosen will be successful in the future’, said Prime Minister Suljkanović.

In the next academic year there will be enrolment of students in new study programs. At the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has been introduced the Department of Politology while the Department of Psychology and the Department of Pedagogy are now two study programs. At the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics have been introduced new study program related to math, physics and chemistry while at this Faculty has been introduced Tourismology. Tourism Management is a new study program at the Faculty of Economics, and new study programs have been introduced at the Faculty of Mining and Civil Engineering.
University of Tuzla has 12 faculties and Academy of Dramatic Arts, and at this institution has graduated 40 thousand students of first cycle, 2.726 students of second cycle and 777 students of third cycle of study.



Promovirano 109 magistara i 431 diplomant Univerziteta u Tuzli



Rector Nermina added: ’The University of Tuzla is in a state of permanent reform. On the basis of high international reputation, we are a member of all regional and European associations of universities. This has contributed to the fact that we have been the chairman of the renowned Alpe Adria Rectors' Conference, we are active in the process of signing agreements within Erasmus+ program and we are continually strengthening international cooperation with more intense participation in mobility programs. We want to adapt more quickly to changes in society, social needs, and especially in the labour market,‘ said Rector of the University of Tuzla, Rector Hadžigrahić.

During the promotion, graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy took the Hippocratic Oath, while graduates of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics, and Faculty of Physical Education and Sport made a solemn declaration.
Promotion ended with a symbolic throwing of the graduation caps.