Professor Remo Ruffini visited Tuzla

Rector’s Office
Tuzla, 27 November 2017




Gamma-radiation has a fundamental meaning for DNA of each one of us. If gamma rays can be found in the entire universe, then life exists in the universe, said Professor Remo Ruffini.





‘Why this is good for us? We see that uranium that can be found on the planet is actually formed there. We don’t actually dig it here, but we see where it comes from, we see our past,’ said Professor Remo Ruffini, PhD, a Director of the International Center for Relative Astrophysics in Italy (ICRANet).

This result will change the basic forty-year old understanding of gamma-radiation proliferation, after almost a year of checking data presented in the paper. This is a new task for both foreign and domestic astrophysicists.

 ‘Only a few people in Bosnia and Herzegovina are dealing with this field. This is not such a big surprise because there are not so many experts around the globe. It is enough to have a small group of people connected with other colleagues from around the world such as ICRANet, two US universities, Italy, Germany, Armenia, Japan, China, and BiH, ‘ said Professor Vedad Pašić, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of Tuzla.

The fact that today it was signed an Agreement between University of Tuzla and ICRANet shows that young scientists from BiH will have a chance to work side by side with the most eminent experts in this field.





‘The greatest opportunity for us is scientific cooperation that will be based on the departure of our researchers to their institutes, and creation of joint scientific research projects,’ said Professor Nermina Hadžigrahić, Rector of the University of Tuzla.

Professor Ruffini is one of the founders of the black hole theory, and he is an associate to dozens of eminent scientists around the world, and one of them is Stephen Hawking.





Students and professors at Tuzla University were the only ones in BiH that had the privilege of attending a lecture about this great discovery. This discovery is so significant that there is a big chance that Professor Rumini will be candidate for the Nobel Prize.


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