Professor Norikazu Shimizu visited University of Tuzla

Rector's Office
Tuzla, 17 November 2017



Profesor Norikazu Shimizu posjetio Univerzitet u Tuzli



Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering and Ecology at Yamaguchi University in Japan, Norikazu Shimizu, visited the University of Tuzla, and during his visit he held a lecture to students and professors.

Professor Norikazu Shimizu is currently monitoring the movement of the soil due to the salt exploitation in Tuzla Canton and thanks to his technological innovations it is possible to very accurately track the landslide terrain. ‘I came here to do monitoring of the soil by using satellite technology, and to measure landslides that affect people who are endangered by changes’ said Professor Norikazu.

The Rector of the University of Tuzla Nermina Hadžigrahić expressed her satisfaction with Professor Norikazu visit and said that the cooperation between the Yamaguchi University from Japan and University of Tuzla will contribute to the development of the Bosnia and Herzegovina methodology for the research and stabilization of landslides. ‘Our professors and associates from the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Civil Engineering visited Japan numerous times and brought very useful knowledge’ said Hadžigrahić, adding that the lecture will be for the benefit of both students and professors.

She also expressed hope that results of the research that Norikazu conducts will help us with solving the problem of landslides. Professor at the University of Tuzla, Sabid Zekan has confirmed that they have been cooperating with Japanese universities for a long time, and that he will present his research at the Japanese Science Summit on Natural Disasters in 2018 in Toyama.

Professor Norikazu Shimizu is currently a Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering and Ecology at Yamaguchi University in Japan, Vice President of the International Mechanics Association, and his most important scientific contribution is the development of a method for tracking rocks with GPS system. He received a prestigious reward of Japanese Prime Minister in 2017 for scientific-technological development.





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