Presentation of the French Government Scholarship

Rector’s Office
Tuzla, 21 November 2017




Prezentacija stipendija Vlade Francuske na Univerzitetu u Tuzli



At University of Tuzla was held presentation of scholarships for studying in France funded by the French Government. France is the fourth country in the world by the number of foreign students. Also, foreign students in France have the same rights as domestic students, which make this country very attractive to students from all over the world. France is a country with a rich and diverse higher education system, and French language is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Education in this country brings a number of benefits.

‘In their CV students can add French knowledge and this can later serve to them at the labor market not only in France but also in Belgium, Switzerland, the whole of North Africa, etc. So we really invite young people to think about the France as one of the options, since it is country which has a lot to offer and which can be an important step for the future, ‘said Emmanuel Mouriez, co-operative and cultural Adviser at the Embassy of the French Republic in BiH.





Although the French language is not widely represented in the Tuzla Canton education system, a large number of students are still interested in studying this language. Similar scholarships programs offered Embassy of the USA and Hungary. ‘It is very important for the University of Tuzla that students use exchange programs that are offered to them. Students need to know that these programs cover their education and allowance in the foreign country, so they are covered when it comes to costs and it would be really pity that students don’t take this opportunity’ said Dževdeta Mujović-Mujkić Head of the Rector’s Office. Scholarships for studying abroad, students can get on the basis of numerous cooperation agreements signed within the ERASMUS project.


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