Sport Event 'Ironman'

Tuzla, June 26, 2018




Competition entitled 'Ironman' was held as a part of 23rd Summer University. Contesters competed  in various disciplines such as running, push ups, squats, standing jumpy, double leg stair hops, single leg stair jumps, rolling of tractor’s tire at PUC ‘Panonica’.





In male category, first place went to  Adnan Sarajlić who won 30 points, the second place went to Danijal Aljić with 20,5 points and third to Damir Begić  with 20 points.

In female category, first place went to Azra Đogić who won 41,7 points, the second place went to Elena Omerović with 36 points and third to Nermina Mujić with 33 points.

First place won free rafting at river Neretva (sponsored by University Sport Society), while second place won free tickets for one month at fitness centre ‘Body Control’. Competition was intended for citizens and students of University of Tuzla with an aim of raising awareness about importance of physical activity.

 We would like to take this opportunity to thank Professor Zlatan Saračević who was ambassador of this competition and to Red Bull that gave extra boost to our contesters’.