Summer University Tuzla (SUT): International day of support for torture victims

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Tuzla, June 27, 2018



As part of marking 26th June, International day of support for torture victims and event ''SUT 2018“ students of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences had a lecture entitled „Significance of rehabilitation for torture victims“. Citizens organization entitled 'Viva Žene' Tuzla organizes activities related to marking of such important event.



Ljetni univerzitet: Obilježen Međunarodni dan podrške žrtvama torture


Citizens organization 'Vive Žene' for eleven years points out to a significance of support, especialy rehabilitation of victims. They point out that after so many years a position of victims haven't changed a bit.

One of the speakers at today's meeting was Smail Musić, from Brčko who during the war was concentracion camp inmate and one of the victims of war torture.

'Despite of everything I went through, I still belive in peace and human relations. I shared my story today with these young people', said Musić.

The biggest problem that 'Vive Žena' points out on the fact that even 23 years after the war in BiH, the Law that will solve status of victims of war torture and people hasn't been adopted.

The Allience of concentracion camp inmates BiH remind that concentracion camp inmates – victims of war torture, are the only category created in war whose status still isn't recognized and victims recognized and properly treated by institutions in BiH.



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