Independance Day marked at the Faculty of Law of the University of Tuzla

Faculty of Law
Tuzla, March 2, 2018




Students and professors of the Faculty of Law organized a public forum on March 1, Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the forum it was talked about the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the referendum on which the citizens pleaded for sovereign and independent Bosnia and Herzegovina.





Rector of the University of Tuzla Prof.dr. Nermina Hadžigrahić emphasized the importance of March 1, saying that BiH still needs to be built as a democratic state, or a state of equal people.


‘We are proud to remember the day when 26 years ago, BiH proclaimed independence in its historical and internationally recognized borders. The citizens of our country voted for an independent, sovereign, independent state, ‘ said Hadžigrahić, adding: ‘ Modern BiH was made on this heritage, which we still want to build as a democratic state of equal people. This date is therefore important for every citizen who honestly and with love thinks of BiH as his homeland.’


Prof.dr.Izudin Hasanović, Dean of the Faculty of Law, reminded everyone of the period when a referendum was held, by which the citizens pleaded for independent BiH.


‘ Referendum was held on February, 29 and March 1, 1992 in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it represents a particularly significant event in the thousands of years of Bosnia and Herzegovina's history for two main reasons: referendum is one of the most important instruments of direct democracy which is used to determine the will of citizens on important issues, and due to the important and complex situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which goes from the relations of the governing structures of the constituent people and citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the referendum issue on the state and political future of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ‘said Hasanović.


The Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a national holiday marked on March 1, each year, which is celebrated as the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the SFRJ. A referendum on the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where 2 thirds of citizens voted, was held on February 29 and March 1, 1992, and it marked the commitment of citizens for the future of the country and their commitment to the free, independent and democratic life of all its citizens.