INCLUSION conference within framework of Erasmus+ program held at the UC Leuven Limburg in Belgium

University of Tuzla
Tuzla, 21 November 2017






During 9 and 10 November 2017 a two-day conference was held at UC Leuven Limburg in Belgium about the continuation of the ERASMUS + project "INCLUSION" (opening work package 2). On the first working day, the results of the implementation of benchmarking tools at universities in BiH and Armenia were presented with the aim of reviewing the response to the recommendations of the EHEA Social Dimension. There was also a workshop on the importance of stakeholder participation in the process of drafting the strategies and master plans envisaged by the project that is related to Social Dimensions in higher education. During the second day, Erasmus + 'INCLUSION' project activities were held in the workshops that aimed to assisting in the creation of institutional guides, procedures, master plans and strategies as the final results of the project. Representatives of each of the universities looked at the current state at their universities regarding the social dimension, and also pointed to the potential difficulties which they have  encountered in the execution of project obligations, as well as the modules for overcoming them.

The conference was attended by the University of Tuzla: Professor Jasmina Alihodžić (Project Coordinator), Professor Dženeta Omerdić (member of the project team), Professor Boris Krešić (project team member) and student of II cycle of studies at the Law Faculty Selma Bešić-Čerkezović.