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Free Access to MathSciNet database

The academic staff at the University of Tuzla can now access to the various articles hosted at one of the oldest databases in the world, the Mathematical Reviews. Access is possible via American Mathematical Society page at


Free Access to IOPscience database

The academic staff at the University of Tuzla can now access to the various articles hosted at IOPscience database. The database collects a large number of electronic journals, mainly in the field of physics and related disciplines, then modeling, simulation, nanotechnology, ecology, mathematics and so on.


Italian Government Scholarships Call for Applications

The Italian Government awards scholarships for studying in Italy both to foreign citizens and Italian  citizens resident abroad (IRE). The aim of these scholarships is fostering international cultural cooperation, spreading the Italian language, culture and science knowledge...


Fulbright Foreign Student Program 2017-2018

The Embassy of the United States of America to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is pleased to announce the Fulbright Foreign Student Program competition for the 2017-2018 academic year.


Embedding Quality Assurance in Doctoral Education

The University of Tuzla organized the meeting to present the results of the Tempus project "Embedding Quality Assurance in Doctoral Education – EQADE“ and a tour of the Office of the future Centre for Doctoral Studies at the University of Tuzla.


UnTz is a Member of the Balkan Universities Association


The first meeting of the Balkan Universities Association was held on 11 September at Trakya University, Karaağaç Campus in Edirne, Turkey. The Balkan Universities Association gathers 36 universities.



Graduate Scholarship Opportunities at Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi for 2015-16

International Relations Office
Tuzla, 4th March 2015


On behalf of Masdar Institute, it is my pleasure to once again provide ten scholarskip opporutnities to prospective, qualified Bosnians student to join our globally recognized degree programs. This is a unique opportunity that will enable promising graduates a chance to expand their horizons through involvement in exciting, onnovative research initiatives.


2nd International Conference "New Technologies NT-2015"

It is my pleasure to invite you to attend 2nd International Conference "New Technologies NT-2015". Conference hosts are Academy of sciences and arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Society for robotics of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faculty of mechanical engineering in Mostar, Faculty of mechanical and computer engineering in Mostar and Technology park INTERA. Conference will be held in Mostar on 24th and 25thApril 2015.

Studying at the UNTZ

In the academic 2016/2017 year the University of Tuzla is celebrating its 38th anniversary.  In our 40 years of experience, we have committed ourselves to the process of reforms in an attempt to adjust our work to your needs. In order to ensure successful studying we have continued implementing measures to improve studying conditions. We are deeply convinced that as our prospective students you will contribute to improving the quality of studying. Therefore, we wish you successful studies as members of our academic community.

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Summer University

Since 1994, the University of Tuzla and YSY from Amsterdam (the Netherlands) have worked together on various projects. One such project is the International Summer University of Tuzla (LJUT), which became well-known in the region and beyond. Since 1996, every summer international students gather in Tuzla to attend courses in various fields of science. The number of BiH students who participate in courses has been gradually increasing.






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