Research at the Faculty of Pharmacy is centered around the following scientific areas: Bromatology, Pharmaceutical Analytics, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy and Clinical Pharmacy). At the Faculty of Pharmacy both, basic and applied research is carried out.


Professors and teaching assistants of the Faculty of Pharmacy carry out research activities in the following areas:


Research activities are carried out through implementation of projects supported by:





Results of research activities are published in relevant journals indexed in international data bases (CC; SCIE and other bases); relevant national and international conferences and congresses (ASCO Annual Meeting; UICC conference; The New York Academy of Sciences Conference, FEBS Meeting; Meeting of Balkan Clinical Laboratory Federation; International symposium on proteinase inhibitors and biological control, Brdo; Hrvatski Skup kemičara i kemijskih inženjera/Croatian meeting of chemists and chemical engineers; Meeting of the Slovenian Biochemical Society with International Participation; Prvi kongres farmaceuta Bosne i Hercegovine sa međunarodnim učešćem/First Congress of B-H Pharmacists with International Participants; Kongres medicinskih biohemičara BiH sa međunarodnim učešćem/B-H Congress of Medical Biochemists with International Participants); doctoral dissertations (5 ) and maters’ theses (6).