Ključna aktivnost 2 - Izgradnja kapaciteta u visokom obrazovanju - Projekti


1. Strenghtening of Internationalisation in BiH higher education (STINT)

2. Modernising geodesy education in Western Balkan with focus on competences and learning outcomes (GEOWEB)

3. Knowledge FOr Resilient soCiEty, K-FORCE

4. ABC- Assisting Better Communication

5. Qualifications Framework as Platform for the development of learning outcomes based curriculum-QFP

6. INCLUSION  - Development and integration of social dimension strategies in Armenia and BiH through cross-regional peer learning

7. Introducing competence-based preschool teacher education curricula in Bosnia and Herzegovina –TEACHER

8. Western Balkan Academic Education Evolution and Professional’s Sustainable Training for Spatial Data Infrastructures – BESTSDI


9. Strengthening Capacities for Higher Education of Pain Medicine in Western Balkan countries (Higher Education Pain Medicine Project - HEPMP)