Report of PQMC visit

Tuzla, 5th December 2019




Report of PQMC visit
Tuzla, November 27th - 28th, 2019



Professor Nadezhda Kunicina from Riga Technical University, Latvia spent two days at the University of Tuzla, Faculty of Electrical Engineering during field monitoring of the ERASMUS + project Elemend implementation ( Professor Nadezhda Kunicina is a leader of WP5 – Project Quality Monitoring and Control (PQMC) and internal PQMC team.



Univerzitet u Tuzli - Izvještaj o monitoringu i kontroli kvalitete na projektu ERASMUS + Elemend



The first day (November 27th, 2019) she visited the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE) and met the Project Manager Prof. Dr. Tatjana Konjić, professors Dr. Nermin Sarajlić and Dr. Suad Kasapović and students who were attended courses on the second cycle of studying in academic year 2018/19 that will be updated in the framework of Elemend.

The second day (November 28th, 2019) Professor Nadezhda Kunicina had the following activities:


-Met the vice deans of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Mensur Kasumović and Dr. Emir Mešković; They discussed about possibilities of future cooperation and students and professors exchange.


-Presentation of the Elemend project implementation at the FEE made by Professor Dr. Majda Tešanovic, a leader of PQMC at the University of Tuzla. Professors involved in the ELEMEND project were present and all project activates were discussed.


-Visit the FEE laboratories and place where the new lab equipment should be installed.


-Met with Selma Ćebić-Babajić and Mirha Mujkanović from the International Relation Office, University of Tuzla. They discussed about possibilities of future cooperation and students, administrative and academic staff exchange at the Universities level.