Dr. Damir Novosel held a lecture at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Tuzla, 26 October 2018



Dr. Damir Novosel, president of Quanta Technology Expert (North Carolina, USA), held a lecture entitled ‘Industrial Trends and Innovations for the Future Electricity System’ at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The organization of lectures is a result of joint collaboration between the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Tuzla, the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the International Organization for Migration, within the Diaspora for Development (D4D) project.



Dr. Damir Novosel held a lecture at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (1)


The Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Tuzla, Prof. dr. Dr. Nerdina Mehinović, emphasized the extraordinary importance of organizing such events, which, besides professional contributions, also offer the possibility of significantly linking diaspora experts with research institutions and researchers from BiH.



Dr. Damir Novosel held a lecture at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (2)


In his the lecture, Dr. Novosel presented the current state of electrical networks and the challenges and opportunities faced by modern electrical networks. Also, he talked about the challenges that the integration of renewable sources in the power system is carrying. Through the interaction with the people at the lecture, he discussed the state of the sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe, and the United States and globally in the world. Various scenarios for inclusion of a larger number of electric vehicles and their impact on electric grids were also discussed at the lecture. Dr. Novosel especially analyzed technologies and systems for storage of electricity, as well as monitoring, protection, automation and control devices that offer significant opportunities for achieving a sustainable energy future.

The lecture was attended by a large number of experts from the electric power companies, transmission and distribution companies, as well as a large number of engineers from the field of economy and students.