Cooperation between Media Centre of the University of Tuzla and Tuzla Film Festival

University of Tuzla
Tuzla, 12 September 2018





The Magic Factory Association, as the organizer of the Tuzla Film Festival and the Media Center of the University of Tuzla, signed on September 12, 2018, an agreement on scientific, educational and professional cooperation.



Uspostavljena saradnja između Tuzla Film Festivala i Media centra Univerziteta u Tuzli



Agreement was signed by mr.sci. Boris Balta, Director of the Tuzla Film Festival and prof. dr. Enes Osmančević, Head of the Media Center of the University of Tuzla. Cooperation was established in the field of science, education and profession, which will contribute to the exchange of experience and knowledge.

As it was mentioned at today's event, the Tuzla Film Festival and the Media Center of the University of Tuzla will cooperate pro bono and will work on organizing scientific-research activities, conferences, symposia, seminars, round tables, workshops and joint efforts in order to secure financial funds from external sources. Also, the document stipulates that they will work on the exchange of academic and professional staff in educational processes in which both parties participate, as well as on the development of the academic and professional staff training program.

By signing this document, the students got the opportunity to acquire practice through participation in the organizational activities of the 7th Tuzla Film Festival, which will be held from October 12th to the 19th of this year, as well as the opportunity to attend workshops, film screenings and other contents within the festival.