Better conditions for Academy of Dramatic Arts

Rector's Office
Tuzla, 5th September 2017




Students, professors and associates of the Academy of Dramatic Arts of the University of Tuzla will soon have much better conditions for work. This was agreed during today's visit of the Government of the Tuzla Canton, led by the Prime Minister Bego Gutić.





After visiting the premises where the Academy is currently conducting the teaching process, the Prime Minister and ministers have seen that this higher education institution works in modest conditions, and they expressed that Government is ready to help and urgently intervene in order to prepare the space for teaching in the winter period.

'In the past, we have been able to make a good heating system in these classrooms, but unfortunately the thermal insulation of the building is in a very bad condition and it is questionable how much the heating system heats classrooms. In this regard, we have decided to help the Academy to make the necessary part of the thermal insulation in order to reduce the losses during the coming winter period and thus to achieve the optimum conditions for work, 'said Prime Minister of the Tuzla Canton Bego Gutić.

Professor Vlado Kerošević, with his associates, expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister for the visit and understanding for the problems that Academy is facing with, and their readiness to intervene promptly.

'By solving issue of thermal insulation we will obtain also the necessary sound isolation between the individual spaces in the building, which is very important to us because of the nature of our teaching process. All this together will contribute to significantly better working conditions for the Academy' said Professor Kerošević.
In addition to this activity, the Prime Minister and ministers agreed that in the Budget for the next year they also planned special funds for the finalization of works on this facility. This will make facility be ready to serve the University for other purposes as well, after the Academy gets its final premises in a new facility that will be rebuilt in cooperation with the Turkish TIKA agency.

Today's visit, besides the Prime Minister was attended by the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport Zlatan Muratovic and Minister of Physical Planning and Environmental Protection Hasan Fehratović.


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