Support Centre for Students with Special Needs


The seat of the Support Center for Students with Disabilities is in Tuzla, Univerzitska No. 1, at the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, and its aim is to provide students with disabilities with access to all university programs and activities.

Center provides students with the opportunity to fulfill their full potential by:
coordinating academic adjustments and support services,
promoting independence and self-advocacy,
Providing information and referral mechanisms for the rights of students with disabilities.

Support Center conducts following activities:

Providing technical assistance to students with disabilities and special needs at the University of Tuzla; ensuring systematic approach to meeting educational and socio-psychological needs of aforementioned students, as well as monitoring their needs in order to improve conditions relating to accommodation and studying (for students with visual impairments and hearing impairments and physical disability, including students with chronic diseases, mental disorders, and specific learning disabilities and vulnerable groups such as ethnic minorities, students of academically disadvantaged and poor socio-economic background, students who suffered violence, trauma, etc..)
Promoting international cooperation and exchange of students with disabilities (in cooperation with the Office of International Cooperation)
Providing technical assistance in applying and implementing national and international projects
Cooperating with partners: relevant ministries, city, students associations and people with disabilities and associations dealing with programs providing support to persons with disabilities and professionals
Collecting information on the number of students with disabilities and creating a database for the purpose of planning,
Appointing, training and coordinating the work of the members of the Committee for support in all faculties of the University of Tuzla,
Counseling and empowering  freshmen with disabilities/special needs and their parents for the purpose of self-actualization,
Studying legislation that regulates the status of persons with disabilities in order to provide legal assistance to students with disabilities,
Initiating changes of the laws and regulations that prevent students with disabilities to exercise their rights and obligations,
Implementing other activities in accordance with the law and the regulations of the University.

You can contribute to the work of the Center with your suggestions and proposals. For further information, suggestions and comments, please contact us via e-mail:  and