Procedure for Obtaining the Scientific Degree of Doctor of Science


Doctorate of Science is the highest scientific degree acquired at the University in fields of science studied at the University. This degree is obtained by defending a doctoral dissertation, which is the result of independent research that yields new results and contributes to the development of science.
Candidates who successfully defend their doctoral dissertations are issued a diploma on the acquired degree of Doctor of Science or Art in the relevant field of science/art.

The procedure for obtaining a doctoral degree at the University of Tuzla is covered by the Regulations on the organization of undergraduate and postgraduate studies and procedure of acquiring a doctoral degree at the University of Tuzla, which you can download from University rules and regulations (pdf).

The procedure for obtaining the degree of Doctor of Science is organized at all organizational units of the University of Tuzla.
Any additional information can be obtained from the Assistant Secretary General at respective faculties of the University.