Investors Guide presented at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tuzla

Rector's Office
Tuzla, January 10, 2018




After, at the end of the last year, Ministry of Economy and the Government of Tuzla Canton presented the second edition of the Investors Guide, they also presented this document on Wednesday at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tuzla. The Author of the Guide is the Ministry of Development and Entrepreneurship of Tuzla Canton, which since January 1, of this year continued its work within the newly established Ministry of Economy, and as it was highlighted, the Guide in a practical and easy way unites the most important information that potential and existing investors, people that work with investors, and all interested parties should if they want to invest or visit Tuzla Canton.





The main aim was to unite information and promote the most significant resources of the Tuzla Canton. The guide is focused on the six most profitable industries of the Canton whose comparative advantages has promoted the Tuzla Canton and attracted new investments.
‘Today's event is yet another indicator of our openness and willingness to continuously improve the business and investment environment in the Canton. Also today's event is an opportunity to give an additional boost to our University to get closer to the economy and to put its resources and potentials into economic growth and development, at the first place in this region, and then to spread it more’ said Prime Minister Gutić. ‘In this light, I expect that this Guide will also be an additional basis of joint activities of the Government and University aimed at promoting the Tuzla Canton as an attractive investment environment and ambience in which entrepreneurs can succeed,’ said Prime Minister.

‘In terms of improving the business environment some of our activities have been launched and directed towards further development of the University and faculties of the University of Tuzla. We have adopted the Law on Research and provided the initial funding for research projects. We expect that part of these projects will be directed and implemented in cooperation with the economy and in order to achieve certain benefits for the economy of our region. Pedagogical standards in higher education are aimed at creating better conditions for students' work, education, and acquiring knowledge in order to better prepare students for independent work after obtaining a college degree. Significant energy has also been directed towards improving the quality of accommodation of those which are using Dormitory, and we also expect that University soon starts with the announced opening of new departments,’ said Prime Minister Gutić.