2nd Employment and Education Fair in Brčko

Rector’s Office
Tuzla, 13 May 2019




On 10 May 2019, in the Youth Center of Brcko, within the framework of the "Career Counseling and Guidance Program" project, the Second Employment and Education Fair organized by the Employment Service of the Brčko District, in cooperation with the Government of Brčko District and the Youth Center ‘Vermont’ Brčko.



University of Tuzla - 2nd  Employment and Education Fair in Brcko



This Project enables students’ assistance in order to choose the continuation of their education and thus their future occupation and profession. The aim of the program is to help students understand and interpret information on the labor market and their future career, to clarify their concerns about their profession or business, to understand their abilities and to define their attitudes regarding the offered or desired choices.

The Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematic and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Tuzla participated at the Fair.