Graduate Scholarship Opportunities at Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi for 2015-16

International Relations Office
Tuzla, 4th March 2015


On behalf of Masdar Institute, it is my pleasure to once again provide ten scholarskip opporutnities to prospective, qualified Bosnians student to join our globally recognized degree programs. This is a unique opportunity that will enable promising graduates a chance to expand their horizons through involvement in exciting, onnovative research initiatives.


This year, in addition to its accredited eight Master's degree programs in Scince and Engineering and interdisciplinary PhD program, the Institute added a ne Master's program in Sustainable Critical Infrastructure along weth several other program concentrations. Qualified, admitted students receive a full scholarship and, upon graduation, in addition to the Masdar Institute gradiation certificate, receive a certificate of completion from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to indicate that their degree is of comparable standards to that of MIT.

Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Abu Dhabi is ready for all candidates who apply via e-mail, provide assistance in enrolling in the Masdar Institute. For more details on our academic programs, admissions criteria, application deadlines and admission producers please visist